Sea World Finally Bans The Cruel Killer Whale Shows.

Most of us have seen the incredible 2013 SeaWorld exposé documentary Blackfish, but if you havn't stop what you’re doing right this second and go and watch it it's a great documentary. If you have seen it, then you’ll know about all the terrible live performances orcas have to endure on a daily basis.

The creatures are forced to live in tanks millions of times smaller than their original habitat, with their children taken from them at a very young age, it’s no wonder that these beautiful animals often turn psychotic. There have been many documented cases of captive Orcas losing it and killing their humans trainers, and yet Sea Word have continued to deny any dangers that their trainers are in everyday.

Ever since Blackfish has been released, there has been a lot of pressure on Sea World to stop their Orca shows. The park has been slow to comply, but it looks like it has finally taken action.

The governor Jerry Brown had signed a bill that will end Sea World’s orca breeding and performances in the state of California. The bill will outlaw corporations and individuals from breeding the orcas in captivity. Those who break these laws will be fined a massive $100,000.

Everyone on Twitter were predictably ecstatic at the news.

SeaWorld has said that the remaining whales, including the pregnant whale Takara, will live out the rest of their lives under the care of their veterinary staff, since these captive whales are very unlikely to survive in the ocean. Hopefully these creatures will be the last to ever live in captivity again.