A Huge Asteroid Might Be Heading Straight For Us.

Imagine the most terrifying sight! Then compare that to watching a huge asteroid coming towards you. Whatever you were picturing in your head might seem less scary in comparison, yes? Well, that visual might become reality soon. The experts are saying that there is a meteor and it's heading straight past Earth at a very scary close range. Like we didn't have enough on our plate already. The giant asteroid, called 2009ES, was discovered by scientists in China.

1. With this largest telescope in Asia, experts from the Purple Mountain Lab found the asteroid and warned us that it'd get alarmingly close to earth on its path.

2. How close? Only 18.8 times the distance between Earth and the moon, which is close enough to justify freaking out.

This is not only too close for comfort, but will have the power of three billion atomic bombs.

They say an asteroid close to that size was responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs.

Scientists are keeping watch for any changes in 2009ES's flight path. But if it gets any closer, it could end us.

That's fantastic news to brighten up our day! Definitely puts things into perspective. Let's just live it up until then.