The Best DIY Ways To Remove Hair From Your Private Parts.

Whether or not they admit to it, women do pay a lot of attention to the state of their grooming in their nether regions. There have been a lot of true and tried methods to get the desired looks, but some are definitely more painful than others. There are many options to landscaping, be it waxing, shaving, tweezing or even trimming. The point is how much of your money, time, and effort are you willing to put yourself through to get the hair between the legs look trimmed or be gone for weeks at a time.

Below are the most popular ways to remove pubic hair. It’s important to remember that the skin in the pubic area is very sensitive. Whatever procedure you decide to use, if it's not done properly or using dirty tools can and will cause bacterial infections, constant burning, and even itchiness. Make sure you are careful if your doing these at home and keep an eye open for when you're visiting spas, take a look at their tools to see that they are kept in good condition.

It's can be hard to go au natural on certain occasions, and having to wear a bikini to the beach is not an option.

If you like going to a professional business for all your landscaping, it can really get costly very quickly. There are lots of products in the marketplace that can actually help you achieve the same results as a salon at only a fraction of the cost of a spa.

Just like a men's shavers wich give a close cut, women also have electric shavers too.

The floating heads on the electric shavers allow it to trace the contours of your body very closely. Some even allow for wet and dry usage.

Razors are the cheapest option, and preferred by most women.

Using a non-scented soap in the area and shaving after is essentially pain-free. The only problem is that the pubic hair will start to re-grow and show within only two days after shaving. It can also get quite itchy down there, so use moisturizer afterward.

There is no way around it, waxing hurts, a lot!

Pre-made waxing strips very similar to the hot strips in the salon. The method is exactly the same, press firmly on the hairy areas and pull fast and firmly.

Tweezing is not only for pulling eyebrow hair.

You can the hair from the root using tweezers. It will take a very long time and will hurt more and more as you get closer to the pubic area. Because you are pulling the hair from the root, and the hair will not grow back for quite a while. Also, the hair gets thinner and thinner when using this method.

Epilators are effective but they can be really painful.

An epilator has tiny little tweezers that rotate fast and grab hairs from the roots. Twenty to thirty hairs can be removed at once. This is very painful but you will have very smooth skin for a couple of weeks and once it grows back the hair will also be thinner.

Shaving, waxing, and epilating is definitely not for everyone find your happy place, find wich solution suits you.

Are you willing to go through all this pain of waxing or epilating to have weeks of being hairless? Or you don't mind that you have to shave down there every couple of days? It's all about personal preference.