New Report Revealing A Few Exciting Upgrades For iPhone 7.

This isn’t the only time details about the new iPhone have been leaked. The Apple event will kick off on Wednesday, so make sure you stay tuned for an official report on all of the new iPhone 7 features and more.

1. The headphone jack.

The iPhone 7 will include “EarPods with Lightning connector.” Is Apple ditching the traditional headphone jack, forcing everyone to plug their headphones into the iPhone’s Lightning port. If so you can kiss your fancy $300 headphones goodbye.

2. Better camera.

Reports also revealed that iPhone 7 will feature dual-camera technology, which will allow the phone to take more detailed images. So if your Instagram game isn’t up to scratch, the iPhone 7 might be just the thing you need.

3. Colours.

iPhone 7 will come in two new colors, no more classic Space Grey. Apple will be selling a “dark black” and “piano black” iPhone 7.

4. Power.

The iPhone 7 will be powered by an A10 chip, which means better battery life and less laggy performance.