Google Is Tracking Your Every Move, Here's How To See What They Know!

We all know Google knows a whole lot about us. After all, they are tailoring ads, search results, articles, political posts, and just about anything else you can think of to our individual taste, wich guarantee that my experience on their family of sites will be totally different to yours.

How much do they know? And how much info do they keep on hand?

Quite a lot, it turns out. Don't go putting those tin foil caps on just yet. In a bid for transparency, Google has launched My Activity earlier this year wich makes it easier for users to see what is getting tracked. Here's what my one looks like, check it out above!

Check out how your whole browsing history is laid out before your eyes for you and anyone's computer you are still logged into to see. By clearing your browser's data won't delete this info, and it takes the extra step of providing you information on what you've searched for, and where, when, using what specific device, and some other data points on top of those.

Is this something we should be concerned about? Well, I'd say probably not. 

Still, the idea of Google tracking our exact locations right on our phones GPS and Google Maps doesn't really sound appealing, and it can get upsetting once you actually check the location history and see every place that you've been to over the past few years that is marked on a map.

Here's my own map that I'm not sure how I'm feeling about right now:

You can check out your My Activity dashboard ( and take a look at your own history. See how creepy it is by clicking 'Google Activity" on the left tab and taking a peek at your location history.