Gigi Hadid Silences Body-Shamers In Instagram Post.

Ok, if I was going to compare this women to steak, Gigi would be a Kobe Strip Steak, yes $350 a pop, that’s the most luxurious piece of steak in the world. Gigi Hadid is smoking hot. But, there are a few people out there that don’t think the way you or I do. There have been some jealous people that have actually been attacking Gigi for her figure which of course is absolutely crazy. Sadly “body shamers” are nothing new, and it’s sad that Gigi Hadid even had to dignify them with any response.

And when you read Gigi's response to one woman who claimed she looked thinner than usual, you’ll be clapping like a seal in celebrating this young woman’s eloquence and fortitude.

After she posted a picture of her reflection in a window while she was on vacation, Gigi received a bit of hate from some of her Instagram followers about looking a little too thin. Her response, which is in the image below, has to be one of the best responses to body shamers I’ve ever seen. All the women of the world, take note.

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She even took to Twitter to show other celebrities and models her appreciation for differing body types.

And I'm betting this is only the beginning of a positive body image movement, you go girl!.