Creepy Things Found At Antique Shops That Will Give You Nightmares.

I grew up following my parents into antique stores, they always smelled musty and jam-packed with weird stuff. Despite the amount of antique shops that we walked into, i really can't remember seeing anything weird or something that would creep me out, apparently they exist. Check out the following list of weird and creepy things found in antique stores that will pretty much give anyone nightmares. You been warned.

Every hallway needs one of these.

This creepy monkey thing was labeled as a children's toy, would you buy this for your child?

What type of toy / doll is this?

This would go great on top of the bed!


Everyone needs one of these...

Imagine being in the same house with this doll.


Don't touch this one, she doesn't like to be touched.

This one looks quite innocent, don't you think? Maybe?

I feel sorry for the bear sitting on this creepy clowns lap.

This one's on sale. Anyone?

He wanted to preserve his girlfriend's memory...forever.

Why would you ever want to touch that?

This one is creepy and kinda cool at the same time.


There must be a big resale market for bunny costumes...

I would NOT trust that in my house!

The Evil Dead.

Poor girl.

Why would you hang him that way? why? why?

Starting now! I'm never going to step into an antique store ever again.