The Friday the 13th Game Arrives On Consoles In Oct And It's Super Violent.

It’s been a while since Jason Vorhees took to the big screen to terrify horror fans, but the hockey mask killer is going to make a serious comeback in the not too distant future. There is talks of a 13th movie in the horror franchise and also a television series set at Camp Crystal Lake is already in production. In addition to the Friday the 13th franchise movie and TV show, it looks like gaming fans are in for some scares too.

Titled Friday the 13th game is an asymmetrical, co-op and competitive multiplayer predator/prey game. You will be placed into a group of survivors where you will be working together against the one player who will be controlling Jason Vorhees. The game is set to be released in the Q4 2016 on PC, PS4, XBOXONE.

Here is the Official Friday the 13th Announcement Trailer.

Here is the Friday the 13th Game Gameplay Demo (Warning: Extreme Violence)