Your Shape Of Your Hand Says A Lot About Your Personality.

How do we judge people? Well for me, this all comes down to their facial expressions. Like someone who can barely look you in the eyes, well they are obviously weird. On the other hand a good smile and a funny laugh however, and I’ve got myself a best friend for life. And of course, there's many ways we can get insights into someone, and one way is by looking at their hands… Yes, well according to science, checking someone’s palm will give you detailed information about their personalities. Of course, palm readers have been doing this for a very long time, and researchers have claimed before now that palms are actually a type of “fossilized record” wich shows past development.

With this theory, however, instead of looking at the hand lines, researchers have studied the shape of people's hands, and also the length of their actual fingers. The clever researchers have come up with four different hand types. And looking at each of the hand types, researchers have managed to attach qualities and traits to each of the hands.

Researchers have decided that they find out your personality type from your hands... Wich type are you?

The Fire Type.

The Fire type hands are characterized by larger, wider palms with shorter, stubbier fingers. According to the researchers, they are born leaders. They are also passionate, stubborn, but how much really depends on the shortness of their actual fingers. They also enjoy social situations and exercise, sports.

The Earth Type.

The Earth type have square palms, with short fingers. According to researchers, they are down to earth, reasonable, cool headed and very practical. As the word “earth” suggests, these are more down to earth people and enjoy more basic activities, like working outside with their hands.

The Air Type.

The Air type have rectangular shaped palms and fingers with the length similar to that of their palms. Their personalities are very bright, sharp at communicators, analytical, and pursue intelligent careers, such as journalism or education. Air types have a propensity to over-analyse things.

The Water Type.

The Water types, they have narrow, oval-shaped hands with long, and slender fingers. Spiritual dreamers, the water types are full of creativity. Artists at heart and often found making music, writing poetry or painting masterpieces. They are in touch with their emotions, the water types really enjoy giving back to society.

There you have it, your hands can reveal quite a lot about you, if you believe that sort of thing. Fingers crossed you fell into one of those categories, otherwise you might have freaky hands that nobody ever wants to touch. Only joking, but then again, that might be because of my fire type hands… :)